Sea fastening frame for Boat Landing Installation Tool

TMS has delivered a self-developed sea fastening frame for a Boat Landing Installation tool (BLIT). The BLIT rests on 6 supports on the sea fastening frame […]

New extendable crawler undercarriage

TMS delivered a new extendable crawler undercarriage for a 68 tons quad boom sheet pile installation crane. The undercarriage has a transport width of 3 meter […]

Shipment of 17 hulls on 1 vessel

TMS finished design of supports and sea fastening plans for 17 hulls from China toRotterdam. All forces and dynamic behaviour due to waves were calculated and […]

Dredge hose and umbilical reels for drilling tool

TMS developed and delivered 3 reels for a TMS subsea drilling tool. 2 reels are for spooling 70 and 150m dredge hose and the 3rd reel is […]

TMS delivered subsea pile drilling tool

For release drilling of jacket piles TMS designed and delivered a pile drilling tool for jacket piles for offshore wind turbines for a project near the […]

TMS Boat Landing Installation Tool

TMS designed and delivered a Boat Landing Installation Tool (BLIT) for installing boat landing ladders on mono piles. The tool can pick-up boat landing ladders from […]

TMS New 350 ton crawler crane piling rig

In February a new TMS designed crawler crane piling rig is delivered. TMS took care for design of the complete crane and the pilling rig attachment. […]

TMS developed and built Jet Sword for cable trencher

For burying power cables from wind turbines in the seabed TMS developed and built a jet sword which will be mounted on to a track mounted […]

TMS undercarriage for 300 tons crawler crane

TMS has designed and delivered an undercarriage for a 300 tons crawler crane. The tracks can be removed for transport (due to size and weight limitations). […]

TMS Limped dams

Dry working under water; TMS designed and construct 4 limped dams for the purpose of working dry under water on steel piles. This is achieved by […]

TMS Mooring platform for London City Airport

For expansion of the London City Airport, which is built in a former dock in the water, TMS designed and built mooring platforms. They hydraulically release […]

Floating TMS gantry overhead crane

For the expansion of the London City Airport, TMS designed and built a new shipboard overhead crane. The overhead crane is used for placing prefab concrete […]

TMS levelling system for Antarctic

TMS developed and built 8 sets new levelling systems for levelling steel structures to expand a wharf/quay in the Antarctic. The functioning of the system is […]

New drilling & blasting rigs for deepening ports

For deepening ports for example for a new container terminal in Singapore TMS developed and built 4 drilling & blasting rigs. The drill rigs (with 40m […]

New pile drilling tool

For the construction of a pump station wharf in the Dead Sea, TMS designed and built an underwater pile drilling tool. The drill can be lowered […]

New equipment Dead Sea project

For the construction of a pump station wharf in the Dead Sea, TMS designed and built equipment including a pilling frame and pile plugs. The hydraulic […]

New electric frequency driven floating dry dock cranes delivered

For a new floating dry dock TMS developed and delivered new cranes which are fully electronic frequency driven. Max. reach 33m, max. WLL 15 tons.

New crash frame for wireline mast

TMS designed and built a new type crash frame for the TMS wireline masts. The crash frame is built according DNV2.7-1 from high strength aluminium. This […]

TMS Several Rotary Heads and auger cleaners delivered

TMS delivered several main gearboxes for Rotary Heads and auger cleaners for CFA drilling and displacement drilling. The rotary heads were delivered in 15, 20, 25, […]

Anode Cage Installation Aid

For the installation of Anode Cages on mono pile wind turbines TMS designed and manufactured an Anode Cage Installation Aid / tool (ACIA). The tool consists […]

Steel crane mats

TMS designed and supplied many steel crane mats. These will be used for stabilizing the soil underneath and load spreading for crane tracks / crawlers. TMS […]

Overhaul umbilical winch

TMS arranged complete overhaul of umbilical winch for subsea trencher for burying power cables in the seabed.

TMS New mini Water Injection Dredger “BALDR” launched

TMS developed and built a new mini Water Injection Dredger (WID). Water will be injected/jetted in the sediment to loosen the bottom and tidal currents flushes […]

New caisson dredging tools for immerse caissons

TMS developed and built 4 new caisson dredging tools for pneumatic immerse of caissons. This will be used for immerse without human interference underneath the caissons. This […]

WID Borr delivered

The Water Injection Dredger, of which we published the 9th of October 2014, is recently launched and connected in the port of Werkendam.After several successful trails […]

TMS 100th crane delivered

TMS delivered her 100th crane. This is a 25 tons offshore crane with active heave compensation, a reach of 35 meter, lifting depth of 3000 meter […]

TMS at Offshore exhibition in Copenhagen

T.M.S. Technical & Maritime Supplies will take part at the world’s largest offshore wind energy exhibition (EWEA Offshore) in Copenhagen from 10 till 12 March.Please join […]

Active heave winch

TMS recently finished manufacturing of an Active Heave Winch under LRS supervision.The 4,25m diameter Lebus grooved drum can spool 3100m 34mm Oceanmax wire rope.The winch is […]

Pile plugs

TMS builds 4 pile plugs with intergraded up-ending and lifting facility. Recently TMS designed en fabricate (under DNV-GL) four mono-pile plugs for the transportation and upending […]

Cutting ROV

For remote controlled subsea removal of offshore wind jacket pile stoppers we designed, developed and built this cutting ROV. The TMS handling crane is built on […]

Kobelco piling crane

This Kobelco CKE 2500G lifting crane is modified to a piling crane with 54 meter leader mast for piling concrete piles of 46 m long/ 30 […]

Piling template

For a new jack-up we have designed and built 2 piling templates with 4 pile grippers for piles of approx. 60 tons / 60m / 1.420mm […]

Side Loader

For placing 120 ton concrete T-beams we developed this side loader. This side loader can grab, move and place the concrete elements. SPMT’s are used as […]

TMS builds its 100th crane

TMS got the contract for a 25 tons Active Heave Offshore knuckle boom crane which is crane no.  100 for TMS. The maximum reach is 35 […]

Pile platforms

TMS builds working platforms and walkways for the construction of a jetty in Port-Hedland Australia. Recently TMS designed and fabricated al large amount of working platforms […]

Water Injection Dredger

Recently TMS got the contract for design and fabrication of a Water Injection Dredger (WID). Water will be injected in the sediment to loosen the bottom […]