Robin Zijlmans


First pipes successfully cut at new project

The TMS rental underwater pile cutting tool has successfully cut the first pipes at the new project site. The TMS cutting tool is used at this […]

Successful campaign J-tube & boat landing installation tool

The J-tube & boatlanding installation tool designed and built by TMS has successfully completed its first campaign, on an offshore wind project in the USA. The […]

6 New oil skimmer cranes

For a new project, TMS has developed and built 6 new oil skimmer cranes for ATEX zone 1, These will be deployed on a multifunctional ship […]

Casing Gripper and Casing Cutting Tool delivered

TMS is proud to deliver a Casing Gripper and Casing Cutting Tool to New Waves Solutions, a subsidiary of the DEME Group. Both tools will be […]

New steel crane mats delivered

TMS has been developing and supplying steel crane mats as an alternative to the hardwood Azobe crane mats for many years. Last week, another new set […]

Traveling dock cranes installed on dry dock

TMS has installed the new frequency controlled all-electric traveling dock cranes on the floating dry dock. The dry dock cranes are equipped with three winches with […]

TMS Sea fastening frames

TMS developed and supplied several sea fastening frames used for supporting offshore installation tool during sailing and transit situations. The sea fastening frames are able to […]

Conversion pile cutter tool

For a new project, our TMS rental subsea pile cutting tool has been converted to cut a pipes with a diameter of 6.1m. Among other things, […]

Driving dry dock crane tested

TMS has tested the new frequency controlled fully electric traveling dry dock crane. The crane is mounted on TMS the test foundation next to the TMS […]

Assembly started dock cranes

This week we have started with assembling two travelling dock cranes. These cranes will have a capacity of 20t at 22m and will be placed on […]

Mono pile plugs back to TMS

After a succesful project TMS returned the Mono Pile plugs and lifting tools back to TMS and unloaded the barge and placed them in the storage […]

ACIA installed successfully the first batch

The TMS Anode Cage Installation Tool successfully installed the first batch of anode cages on a new offshore wind project in the Baltic Sea on mono […]

For sale Liebherr MTC 2600-100

TMS offers: Liebherr MTC 2600-100 Offshore Crane Year of construction 10-2008, commissioning 03-2009, in use until 06-2012 Only 1446 engine running hours 100t-12 meters / 50 […]

Updated ACIA transported

Last weeks the TMS built and upgraded Anode Cage Installation Aid (ACIA) and lifting spreader was transported to clients yard and succesfully load tested. The tool […]

2 New oil skimmer cranes

For a new project, TMS has developed and built 2 new oil skimmer cranes for ATEX zone 1, These will be deployed on a multifunctional ship […]

Modification bow lifting cranes

TMS has delivered modifications for the bow lifting cranes of an existing ship. In order to increase headroom below lifted Bow with 3 meter till 15 […]

New stern ramp

TMS got order for design and manufacturing of a stern ramp. This stern ramp with a size of 13,8×10 m, will be placed on a ship […]

Monopaal plug on transport

Last week a monopole plug was transported to our customer. The transported plug is a combined plug, towing arrangement, up-end and lifting tools with a WLL […]

New driving dry dock crane designed

TMS has designed a new frequency controlled fully electric traveling dry dock crane. The dry dock crane will be used on a floating dry dock. The […]

Four new hose reels delivered

The hose reels developed & assembled by TMS have been delivered. The hose reels, built entirely under DNV approval, have a capacity of 180 m of […]

New electro-hydraulic cargo crane delivered

TMS has developed and delivered a new cargo crane. This crane has a reach of 21 meters with a WLL of 25t. This crane will be […]

TMS delivers pile cofferdams

TMS has designed and built and tested 2 new pile cofferdams to be able to work on piles below water level. These will soon be used […]

Conversion pile cutter tool

For a new project, our TMS rental pile cutting tool has been converted to cut a wind turbine foundation pipe with a diameter of 4.3m and […]

New oil skimmer crane delivered

TMS has built a new sweeping arm crane that is used on a multifunctional ship that can also be used for oil fighting at sea. This […]

TMS New design special portal undercarriage

TMS designed and calculated a special excavator undercarriage gantry for a project on the Afsluitdijk. This undercarriage is designed to work with the excavator horizontal and […]

760 tons wireless remote operated lifting beam delivered

TMS has developed and assembled a new lifting tool, this tool with a WLL of 760 tons is used for lifting a pile construction for one […]

Hose saddle for umbilical and dredge hose delivered

TMS has developed and built a so-called hose saddle for guiding an umbilical and dredge hose for a drilling tool which is used for an offshore […]

Transportation Backacter ship excavator parts to TMS

The TMS designed and recently purchased Backacter dipper dredger crane parts were recently transported to the TMS storage location in Werkendam. These parts will be used […]

TMS dry sand ship unloader delivered

The dry sand ship unloader developed and built by TMS has been completed and commissioned. The installation is now mounted on the ship, with which the […]

Dry sand ship unloader assembled at TMS and transported to the customer

The by TMS designed dry sand ship unloader is fully assembled and delivered to our customer. At this moment, the final finishing touches are being completed […]

All mono piles transported and upended with TMS pile plugs in Denmark

All monopiles for the offshore wind project for which TMS has supplied pile plugs have been successfully transported and upended installed at the desired location in […]

Purchase Liebherr MTC2600 crane

TMS has purchased a Liebherr MTC2600 crane. This 2600 tonmeter – 100 ton offshore pedestal crane with only 1400 running hours has been transported to TMS […]

Jetting Airlift Tool delivered

The Jetting Airlift Tool is fully assembled and delivered to our customer. Our client will use this tool as a backup for placing monopiles for an […]

Jetting Airlift Tool Assembly Started

TMS has developed a new tool, a so called Jetting Airlift Tool (JAT) for dredging the inside of a monopile. The total installation weighs about 105 […]

First mono pile with new mono pile plugs launched

The first mono pole with the new Ø6800 and Ø6500 TMS pole plugs has been successfully launched. This allows the construction of the new wind farm […]

3 new echoscope cranes built and delivered

TMS has designed and manufactured three new echoscope cranes for survey work on a cable lay vessels. Various survey tools can be mounted on these hydraulically […]

New mono pile plugs

TMS has designed and produced mono pile plugs for a new offshore wind project. The plugs are designed for the floating transportation of mono piles, with […]

New 7 ton at 6 m electric column deck cranes delivered

For a new cutter dredger series TMS developed and delivered new type column deck cranes. Last month the first column deck crane of a serie of […]

TMS Dry sand ship unloader

TMS has been commissioned to design and build a so-called dry sand ship unloader. This is an installation to unload a self-propelled hopper suction dredger. The […]

New hydraulic shipboard crane 3 T@ 33 m

TMS developed and delivered a new hydraulic crane for a new built dry dock in Zeebrugge. The reach of the crane is 33 meter, with a […]