Piling and Drilling Rigs

TMS has over 20 years' experience in design and development of foundation and piling equipment. In many cases it concerns total designs of new machines where TMS designs complete undercarriages as well as upper carriages in combination with the rest of the rig, like leader masts and heads.

The TMS designed piling and drilling rigs have the following characteristics:

  • Weights from 5 till 350 tons
  • Leader mast lengths from 3 till 65 meters
  • For pile lengths from 3 till 60 meters
  • Mostly multifunctional in use
  • Quick erection till 75-80 tons
  • Moveable by tracks or rails (MV and railway piling)
  • For several foundation methods like:
    • Piling of steel pile tubes and concrete piles
    • Drilling (CFA and cast-in-situ)
    • Vibration tools and equipment
    • Vibro piles
    • Double drilling or a combination of above possibilities