Dredging and Shipbuilding

TMS has specialized expertise relating to shipbuilding and dredging technology. In addition to top-level calculations for ships, including finite element calculations and complex vibration analyses, we also design ship-parts, pontoons and dredging equipment.

Ship Cranes

TMS develops cranes for maritime uses. The cranes are designed in accordance with the rules of classification societies, like: ABS, BV, DNV-GL, CCS, LRS.

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Dredging Equipment

TMS is the right place for special dredging equipment. TMS makes complete designs for environmental auger dredgers, water injection dredgers and dipper cranes.

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Ships and Pontoons

TMS designs small vessels and pontoons and designs and calculates a.o. supports for winches, cranes, A-frames and Underlaying deck construction

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Drilling and Blasting Rigs

Hard rock beds which can't be pulverized efficiently by dredging vessels, like cutter dredgers and dippers, can be pulverized by explosives.

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