TMS Rental Equipment

Besides designing and building technical components for the maritime industry, TMS also rents components. Examples are: Pile plugs, pile plug lifting tools, electrical power packs, pile cutting ROV's and workshop containers. For more information about renting, please contact us by phone or email.

Pile Plugs

For transport of mono piles over sea TMS rents pile plugs. The pile plugs create an air and water tight seal which make the mono piles float.

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Electrical Powerpack

TMS rents electrical driven power packs which, for example, can be used for the offshore industry. The power packs have a solid frame with lifting lugs positioned at the corners of the frame.

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Internal Pile Cutting Tools

TMS rents Interal Pile Cutting tools for removal of pipes with diameters up to 6 meter. With this tool pipes can be cutted automatically under water.

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Workshop Containers

TMS rents 20 ft containers which are equipped as workshop for temporary activities on building site. The container is executed with fuse cabinet (1x 380V and 2x 230V fuses) and external connection for power.

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