Cutting ROV - Internal Pile Cutting tool

TMS rents Interal Pile Cutting tools for removal of pipes with diameters up to 6 meter. With this tool pipes can be cutted automatically under water. The tool works from the inside of the pipe, which make it possible to cut the mono pole of wind turbines foundations both under and above seabed level.

Specifications Internal Pile Cutting tool:

  • Pile diameter of 4600 mm up to 6500 mm.
  • Applicable for wall thickness up to 200 mm.
  • 3 cutter heads and a follow-up system to intercept roundness and deviations of the pipe wall.
  • Every cutter head is provided with under water lamps and cameras.
  • Depths, speeds and cutting angles can be supervised and set in the control cabin on a 40ft flat rack, on deck.
  • Starting the cutter heads is done remote controlled.
  • Complete unit including control cabin is mounted on a 40ft flat rack.