Heavy Lifting and Transport

TMS calculates and designs lifting equipment and complete lifting and jacking systems. Besides that, TMS also calculates and designs sea fastening of complete ships, bridge components, viaducts, tunnels, large machines and structural components.

Heavy lift side loaders

TMS developed side loaders capable of placing 120 ton concrete beams. The side loader is able to lift, move and place concrete elements. SPMT's are used as undercarriage.

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Jacking Systems

TMS developed hydraulic jacks with standard container dimensions and a lifting capacity of 250 ton. The jacks are used to lift ,among other things, complete viaducts, bridge components and offshore platforms at installation or demolition.

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Large Cranes

TMS regularly designs main components for large cranes (>1000 ton) like winches, bogies, crawler under carriages/carrier

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Lifting Equipment

TMS has developed equipment for a range of lifting jobs.

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Overseas Transport

Sea fastening is necessary when complete vessels or other large constructions are transported over sea.

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Ship Lifts

TMS has developed ship lifts with a capacity till 10.000 ton. TMS also designed the ship transport carriers.

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