TMS Dredging and Soil Improvement Equipment

TMS designs and builds equipment for construction and maintenance of canals, ports and waterways. Examples are: Drilling rigs so that explosives can be placed in hard seabeds, equipment to apply drains and vessels for removing soil from the seabed.

Driling and Blasting Rig

TMS designs and supplies drilling and blasting rigs for making drill holes in hard seabed. Explosives can be placed in these drilling holes so that the seabed will be pulverized and can be removed.

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Vertical Drain Rigs

Vertical draining is applied to shorten the consolidation time. A flexible drain is intubated in the ground, which results in quicker draining. TMS designs and supplies complete drain masts, including winch and controls.

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Small Dredgers

TMS designed and built water injection vessels. With a big flow, water is sprayed on the seabed by these relatively small dredging vessels. This loosens the soil of the seabed..

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Dredging Equipment

TMS develops and builds components and machines for dredging at sea and in ports. Some examples are gripper cranes, hydraulic cranes/ dippers, tools to exavate piles, rockbreaker masts, worm wheel installations.

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Because of close cooperation with international operating suppliers from our reliable network, we're able to give good advice in the selection and supply of the most appropriate component or hydraulic cylinder. TMS supplies reliable, high quality components/hydraulic cylinders for a competitive price.

TMS can supply complete constructions/machines or semi-finished products in single items as well as in series, with or without preservation. TMS supplies components like:

  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Construction and machining
  • Slewing bearings
  • Winches
  • Spud jacking systems
  • Castings