Steel Crane Mats

TMS developed and supplied many steel crane / load spreading mats for many years as an alternative to the hardwood Azobe versions. In our opinion, we should no longer use tropical hardwood for this. We just shouldn’t want that anymore. In addition, there are serious advantages to the steel crane mats compared to the conventional wooden mats such as:

  • Enormous amount of variation in dimensions, thickness and composition
  • Steel crane mats are very strong and can withstand high loads in the event of large spans
  • Steel crane mats are very stiff (relatively little deflection)
  • Weight is relatively low
  • Lower transport weight also gives lower transport costs (consider how often during the life of a mat it is transported)
  • They have a much longer lifetime
  • No more use of tropical hardwood
  • Much more sustainable
  • Steel crane mats are not more slippery than Azobe wooden mats

Because TMS develops the crane mats ourselves, we can quickly calculate various variants for a customer and determine which thickness and composition is optimal for your machine or work (plate thicknesses and number of internal reinforcement bulkheads are variables)

TMS has developed a nice system how the internal construction can be assembled lightly and super dimensionally and also give stiffness in the transverse direction of the crane mats (we also use transverse bulkheads (in contrast to what is often missing with composite H-beams). Because we do not use H-beams as a basis, we can make much more variation in plate thicknesses.

TMS has gained a lot of experience in calculating and designing crane mats and has modern FEM calculation software to calculate detailed stresses. Due to optimized production, TMS can offer at competitive prices. Many for upcoming dimensions:

  • Lengths between 6 and 12 meters
  • Widths between 1 and 2.25 m
  • Thicknesses between 200 and 400 mm

But of course everything can be varied virtually limitlessly. Clients often want us to use S355 or similar material, but higher steel grades can also be supplied. TMS can supply the crane mats with calculations / instructions for use / CE certificate